Dear Santa: My invention wish list

1.       Transition contact lenses. And the transition part only covers the pupil, so you don’t look freakish. I hate squinting, but I don’t care much for sunglasses. I would pay big money for a pair of transition contacts! If they already exist, they seriously need to become more widely available.

Imagine these guys, carbonated.
2.       Carbonated gummy bears. Carbonated ice cream. I know at least the latter already exists. I’ve tried it. It was ridiculously good. But that was in a lab a few years ago... Why hasn’t that deliciousness hit supermarket shelves yet?

3.       A stoplight remote. For the times when you don’t exist as far as traffic sensors are concerned.

4.       An everything-reader. Books on tape are the bomb. But not every book is on tape. I am looking for something I can plop in front of any text and it will read it for me. And be able to broadcast it to a smartphone, so I could go anywhere and still listen.


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