Fire extinguishing wands, Li-Fi, and arm controllers

While I was waiting in the lobby at the dentist today, I picked up a Time Magazine featuring the “50 Best Inventions of 2011”. I didn’t get through the entire list, but here are some of the works of genius my cavity introduced me to...

Wave a stick, kill a fire
Have you heard of the wand you can wave around to put out fires? It creates some kind of electric field or magic that sucks the life out of nearby flames. It sounds a lot less messy than drowning flames with water or a traditional extinguisher. It also sounds a little hocus pocus.

Move over Mr. Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is the wave of the future
It’s time to turn your light bulbs into routers! Someone figured out a way to use subtle changes in light intensity to transmit data. They say it will be more secure than Wi-Fi. As I understand it, you can only connect to a Li-FI network wherever its light is shining. So, no more data leaking through walls and into the homes of neighbors. But as my dentist pointed out as we were waiting for anesthetic to seep deep into my jaw, it sounds like it would limit you to pretty much one room and a LAN line can already serve essentially the same function (just in a less technologically awesome way).

Surrender your arm to a computer
Imagine being hooked up to few dozen electrodes and your arm taking on a mind of its own (or at least the mind of a computer). Supposedly, you could program it to do anything from play guitar, to use sign language. Since I have never been possessed before... I can only imagine how freaky that would feel. 

I looked online to see if I could find the Time article, but it doesn’t appear to have hit the magazine’s website yet. 


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