How to get delete a blogspot header

You would think +Blogger would have an easy way to remove title/description headers, but nope.

This is how I managed to get rid of my blog header.
  1. From your blog dashboard, click Template.
  2. Click Edit HTML.
  3. Find the .Header h1 code. (I use the Simple template and found it on row 248. I had to click a little triangle to expand my rows, so I could see it.)
  4. After the last semi-colon ; preceding the first close parentheses )  in that section type "display: none". 
  5. Bonus: If you want to eliminate unnecessary white space at the top of your blog, you can change the header padding.

steps 1 and 2
steps 4 and 5
I have heard of other ways to do it, but this is the only way I have been able to make it work. Though I'm no programmer by any stretch of the imagination.


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