If Facebook 'likes' elected the next president

Donald Trump (82 delegates) is leading the Republican primary handily, with Ted Cruz (17), Marco Rubio (16), John Kasich (6), and Ben Carson (4) leaps and bound behind. In the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 505-71.

Interestingly, candidate Facebook popularity is not what you would expect given the primary results. More people have 'liked' Sanders than Clinton. On the Republican side of things, Carson is the only hopeful giving Trump a run for his money. Kasich has so few 'likes' that he didn't even make it on the graphic below.

For kicks, since a couple hundred thousand people (full disclosure, I am one of them) have attempted to force Mitt Romney to make another run at the presidency in 2016, I included him in the graphic below. While another run would be highly unlikely, Romney did say that Trump would not bag the Republican nomination. At this point, it is difficult to see how Romney could be right about that without entering the arena.

All candidate photos taken by Gage Skidmore except Sanders and Cruz (which are public domain).


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