2016 Election Miracle: Evan McMullin


Myth #1
To be gaining this type of momentum, Evan McMullin must have some big money donors.

Evan McMullin's campaign has had only $1.0 million to work with this election. None of it has been outside money. That means none has come from super PACs, party committees, or 501(c) "dark money" interest groups, like the Clinton Foundation.

In contrast, Donald Trump has received $59,389,531 in outside money.  An alarming $189,453,103 of outside money has poured into Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Just how much money have the other campaigns had to convince you that you should vote for their preferred candidate?

Hillary Clinton? $687.1 million.
Donald Trump? $250.0 million.
Gary Johnson? $11.4 million.

Don't believe me? Proof.

What Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn have done with only $1 million in a little more than three months is nothing short of a #2016miracle. If money is not responsible for their success, what is? Simple. Message.

Myth #2
Evan McMullin received $12,000 from the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has paid Evan McMullin nothing. Zero dollars. As mentioned, McMullin has received nothing from any 501(c) and that includes the Clinton Foundation.

This obvious and weak fabrication reflects poorly on those who perpetuate it and the candidates they support. But it does prove one thing. Evan McMullin is much more than a #nobody. To the opposition, he is worth libeling.

Myth #3
Evan McMullin is not married because he is a homosexual with "two mommies."

McMullin's mother is married to another woman. But Evan McMullin advocates for traditional marriage and has promised that he would not leave office without finding a First Lady.

McMullin has been uniquely prepared to foster a desperately needed environment of inclusiveness and tolerance toward the LGBTQ community in this country, while simultaneously standing firm for his personal beliefs regarding traditional marriage.

Myth #4
Only 11 states can vote for Evan McMullin.

This map.
How electrifying would it be to be in one of those states that gets to write in Evan McMullin! I am honestly a little jealous that I live in a state where he is on the ballot. It would be so satisfying to every democratic and patriotic fiber in my soul to go through the ballot check, check, check, and then stop, slow down, and correct the ballot's deficiency by carefully writing in bold, undeniable letters, "E-v-a-n M-c-M-u-l-l-i-n" and chuckle a little as I hop the final hoop of writing in vice presidential ballot placeholder, "N-a-t-h-a-n J-o-h-n-s-o-n," knowing I am really backing Mindy Finn.

Myth #5
Standing up with Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn is a waste of time.

This unfortunate rhetoric exalts a perception of practicality over principle and conscience. This video makes it clear that when you stand up with Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, you stand on bedrock American principles. And you do not stand alone. Far from it. McMullin's message is sweeping the dry political fibers of this country like a wildfire.

When you #standupwithevan and #standupwithUtah, you join the ranks of millions who have abandoned their fears and dared to hope for a #2016miracle.


  1. Dear readers who may vote for someone other than Evan McMullin:

    In a little more than a day, this post has already reached over five thousand readers (and this message has reached many thousands more on Facebook and YouTube). No doubt, some readers don't agree with me about supporting McMullin. There are diverse reasons one might vote for a candidate other than Evan McMullin. Stereotyping or classifying voter character as one thing or another because of voting preference is unfair. I won't fault you or anyone else for making the personal choice to vote for Trump or Clinton or anyone else.

    Though a mega McMullin fan myself (and likely an occasionally obnoxious one :)), one of his marketing techniques that I do not appreciate is his "you don't have to choose between the lesser of two evils... choose me" rhetoric. Though there is good and evil in the world today, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to discern with certainty the actual hearts and intents of others. And good and evil are in all of us to varying degrees depending on the moment. [I will just add that while we shouldn't peg people as "evil" but instead try to see the good in everyone, it is still important to be discerning about the words and actions of others and be judicious in deciding whom to trust, especially when they run for public office.]

    I firmly believe that the vast majority of people generally try to do the best they can based on the information and understanding that they have. For me, I feel it makes the most sense to support McMullin, notwithstanding his or his supporters' (including my own) imperfections. But again, I won't fault you or anyone else for making the personal choice to vote for Trump or Clinton or anyone else.

    That said, there is so much data supporting the proposition that an incredible number of people are currently planning to vote out of fear of either Trump or Clinton being elected, not out of particular hope in the competence or qualifications of the candidate they are choosing to vote for. I personally find this a disappointing reality. I apologize though that some things that I publish may sometimes come across as a personal attack on anyone who is exercising his or her freedoms of speech and conscience differently than how I am.

    God Bless,

    #respect #civildiscourse #disagree #notdisagreeable #McMullinFinn


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