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Rethinking Mormon policies about married gays and their children

LDS church office building One article on the Salt Lake Tribune has 3202 comments (and counting) this morning. No, I did not read them all. But I get the feeling that most of the comments mirror the sentiments of this sampling: "The LDS Church. Always looking for new ways to alienate people and turn them away." "Pitting parents against children is their MO [modus operandi] and has been their MO for a very long time." "For those active [M]ormons that find the latest pronouncement of apostasy for those engaged in sex marriage or co-habitation offensive or embarrassing, you can make your voice heard." "So kids get to suffer for the "sins" of their fathers? How Christ like [sic]." Of course, the Tribune isn't the only website posting articles discussing the LDS (Mormon) Church policies related to gay marriage. The other articles I have seen have sparked similar commentary. As a Mormon who tries to be faithful, I feel ob