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Let's #ponderize not #scandalize

Adapted from  YouTube  screenshot We have proven it yet again. As Latter-day Saints (Mormons), we can be our own worst enemies in the media. The way we sometimes bicker and build mountains of molehills must cause outsider eye rolls. The irony is that we are generally pretty forgiving and slow to leap to conclusions about others' intentions when it comes to non-members. But when it comes to the foibles of members of our LDS church family, from one small act we are somehow blessed with pure knowledge of the dark inner-workings of souls. Remember how brutal some internet-vocal Mormons were in response to the color of LDS violin phenom  Lindsey Stirling's dress  back in May? Now, the angst is aimed at former NBA baller and current LDS leader Devin Durrant. Last Sunday during general conference, millions heard Durrant's call to come closer to God through "ponderizing" a particular verse of scripture each week. While the coined phrase is admittedly cheesy (his