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Why I didn't leave God, Christianity, and Mormonism

During Sunday School today, my teacher asked, “By a show of hands, who has seen a close friend or family member leave the Church within the past two years?” Most hands shot up. A sobering sight.  I’m not writing to discuss how I have personally seen others’ faith appear to blossom or shrivel in recent years. I’m writing to share my own story. A few years ago, I almost abandoned God, Christianity, and the Mormon church. Here’s why I made the choice to hold on. It all started my second semester of law school. Winter. Cold and dark. The middle of an almost suffocating inversion. If you've never been to Utah during the winter, just imagine a haze so thick and air quality so poor that you can taste it. While my peers were studying case law, I couldn't pull myself away from the internet. I fixated on my faith. I devoured everything I could find about Christianity and in particular, the Mormon church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Actually, th