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Thoughts on gay marriage

My day started out very simple and without too much thought of anything of great consequence. I went to work. I came home. Bryce and I romped around for a while. Then, just before dinner, Heather shared an interesting article  with me. I read through it as I enjoyed some leftover lasagna. There wasn't much of a chance for anything to digest before it was time to take Bryce sledding for- let's be honest- hopefully the last time this season. (Spring come soon, please!) For the most part, the article was out of my mind and we had a good, carefree time. The melt-freeze-melt-freeze-melt-freeze-again snow did wonders for Mr. Mu, giving us some great rides but shoddy snowballs. We came in a little late and by the time teeth-brushing, diaper-changing, story-telling, song-singing, prayer-praying, hugging and kissing were over, it was about 45 minutes past bedtime. Hopefully Bryce will forgive us someday. Lately, Heather and I have filled a lot of that quiet time after Bryce is dow