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Victim of the Curve: The day law school grades come out

That blessed bell curve. It’s coming. That great and terrible day. That day when law school grades appear, crushing the souls of many—if not most—first-year law students across the country. For me, getting up the courage to open my first-year grades was unlike any other experience I have ever had in education. But it was a little like the time that I stood in my swim trunks, staring off the edge of a large cliff overhanging a waterfall, debating whether to take the plunge. If you haven’t gone to law school, it may be hard to appreciate the trepidation experienced by your attorney-aspiring, over-achiever friends. With permission, I want to share a story. It's penned by a good friend of mine about his personal experience. He would like to remain anonymous. But he is someone I deeply respect. I sat by him in at least one first-year class. I was always impressed by his preparation and comments. I always expected he would rock finals. “The day my law school grades c

"It is not good for man to be alone": Reaction to today's BYU Devotional

During law school, I have regrettably been hit and (mostly) miss with my devotional participation. But today was a hit. And wow, it was awesome. The president of BYU and his wife spoke. The president used to be a full-time law professor and I have bumped into him in the halls from time to time. He has always struck me as a deeply sincere and loving person. I'm grateful I was able to listen to their remarks on my laptop while eating lunch. Their delivery maybe lacked fireworks but their content captivated me. Being so amped about my decision to tune in, I felt like bumping their talks here on my blog and through social media. If I had to choose a favorite, I would have to go with President Worthen's talk, entitled "It is not good for man to be alone." If you only have a few minutes, I would recommend starting there (at 20:37 in the video ). His wife starts at 10:16 (there is some music and intro material before that). You can watch it right here!