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BYU vs. Utah Vegas Bowl: 10 reasons I’m stoked

BYU fans rush the field after an overtime victory against Utah (2009) photo by  qbac07 I know some folks are bummed about the news of BYU playing Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl this year. I have to admit that I was bummed at first too. Wait, no I wasn’t. I was stoked. And that excitement has only grown. I can’t imagine a more epic way for either team to cap a three-loss season.  Here’s why: 1. BYU is more of Utah’s equal than Ute fans want to admit. I will confess. The Cougars are the underdog. But just barely. Both football teams are 9-3. Of course, no two schedules are footballs to footballs. However, don’t forget there was a four-game overlap between these rivals’ particular schedules. Both BYU and Utah played Michigan, Fresno State, Utah State, and UCLA. BYU outscored the four by 33 points; Utah outscored the lot by 30 points. BYU went 2-2 against the clan (including a one-point loss to UCLA); Utah went 3-1. Both BYU and Utah have been ranked this season