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Forget #DENY270, Evan McMullin could win outright

For the first time this election, a third party candidate is in a statistical tie for the lead in a state: Evan McMullin. You can thank Utah for making America hope again. But you can bet the tie won't last long. McMullin will surge to major margins in Utah. Mark my word. McMullin, a true conservative who entered the race only in August, still suffers from low name-recognition and low funding. That will change as fast as you can say V-I-R-A-L. Thank you, internet. Utah is as conservative and anti-Trump as states come. Many who are currently planning on voting for Clinton or Johnson to stop Trump will flock to McMullin, who is much more in harmony with the bulk of Utah voters on the issues than Clinton or Johnson. Those who are voting Trump out of fear of Clinton will hear the bell. Once they realize McMullin is not only a legitimate contender, but a probable winner of the state, they will abandon the sinking Trump ship or derailed Trump train (pick your metaphor) to keep any po