Forget #DENY270, Evan McMullin could win outright

For the first time this election, a third party candidate is in a statistical tie for the lead in a state: Evan McMullin. You can thank Utah for making America hope again. But you can bet the tie won't last long. McMullin will surge to major margins in Utah. Mark my word. McMullin, a true conservative who entered the race only in August, still suffers from low name-recognition and low funding. That will change as fast as you can say V-I-R-A-L. Thank you, internet.

Utah is as conservative and anti-Trump as states come. Many who are currently planning on voting for Clinton or Johnson to stop Trump will flock to McMullin, who is much more in harmony with the bulk of Utah voters on the issues than Clinton or Johnson. Those who are voting Trump out of fear of Clinton will hear the bell. Once they realize McMullin is not only a legitimate contender, but a probable winner of the state, they will abandon the sinking Trump ship or derailed Trump train (pick your metaphor) to keep any possible chance of a Clinton victory out of reach. As it has been said, "Everything Trump touches dies." Utah will not die. Utah's six electoral vote will go to McMullin. This will not help Clinton hit 270. The only candidate this will help hit 270 is Evan McMullin.

This momentum will inspire hope in Americans across the country. There is an option that meets them at the intersection of feasibility and conscience. Most of the country believes America is on the wrong track with Obama. McMullin is the only legitimate path to smaller federal government and more state power. Johnson suffers from the condition of being liked by a few in many places, but without the focused firepower to likely take a state, except for maybe New Mexico. Even if he takes New Mexico, he'll only have five electoral votes, while McMullin will win six. In a 12th Amendment scenario, this would make McMullin the third party candidate on the table before the House, where he was most recently a chief policy director. That alone gives America hope that it will not have to elect a candidate that is arguably impeachable out of the gate. There is a reason the 12th Amendment exists. Its process does not strip power from the voice of the people or the states, but does precisely the opposite. It allows the representatives elected by the people in each state to come together and cast one vote that represents their state's best interests. It gives each state essentially a veto vote power against divisive, disliked, or distrusted front runners (or in this case, all of the above). It is a genius safeguard. Thank you, Constitution. But we may not even need a 12th Amendment scenario.

Clinton has more experience than any candidate, perhaps in history. But hers is not the kind of experience most American's are impressed by. Arguable gross negligence in handling national security matters is just one fatal flaw in her resume. Perhaps even more importantly, she represents a move further down the path of big government, which cuts contrary to the American spirit. A Gallup poll shows that nearly 70% of Americans not only say that big government is wrong, but America's biggest threat.

This is why Gary Johnson has gained some national traction this election, even though he is the same person he was in 2012, when he only took 1% of the popular vote. But the thing is, McMullin also offers a major course correction away from big government, without giving the Libertarian party and its other, more radical ideas, a windfall this election. Also, even though Johnson has been a governor and McMullin has never been elected to office, McMullin is leaps and bounds more competent and capable when it comes to national and international issues. This is likely why Johnson has avoided the offer by some news organizations to host a debate between him, Stein, and McMullin. Even though Johnson supporters want to see a debate like that, Johnson is apparently afraid of McMullin, as he should be.

Because big government is a major threat in the eyes of most Americans, Hillary Clinton is a major threat. Some polls have suggested huge swaths of America voting for her, not out of affection for her but out of utter loathing for Trump, the antithesis of peacemaker and arguably the worst possible poster child to carry the conservative banner.

But the American base no longer has to settle. Utah has given the country a glimmer of hope. An option that is not only #NeverTrump, but #NeverHillary. A sane option. A decent option. An option our children can look up to. An option who is a peacemaker that inspires. An option who is fostering productive and unifying dialogue regarding bedrock American principles. An option that should dominate the discussion in the final month leading up to the election, thanks to the internet. An option that will spread across the dry political fibers of this nation like a wildfire. We are about to witness something unprecedented and jaw-dropping. Never again will the Republican or Democratic party be able to put forward nominees that mute the voice and conscience of the vast majority of Americans.

Having Evan McMullin win the election outright should now be our goal. And it could happen. More than enough states will have the option of voting for him for him to win the election outright. 

Everywhere that can't check a box or officially write him in, can still write him in and help send a message to the House in the event McMullin falls short of 270. And how electrifying would it be to be in one of those states that gets to write him in (whether it is "counted" in the traditional sense or not), rather than just check a box! I am honestly a little jealous. It would be so satisfying to every democratic and patriotic fiber in my soul to go through the ballot check, check, check, and then stop, slow down, and correct the ballot's deficiency by carefully writing in bold, undeniable letters, "E-v-a-n M-c-M-u-l-l-i-n" and chuckle a little as I hop the final hoop of writing in vice presidential ballot placeholder, "N-a-t-h-a-n J-o-h-n-s-o-n," knowing I am really backing Mindy Finn. 

Do you not like big government?
Vote McMullin / Finn.

Do you want more power restored to your state?
Vote McMullin / Finn.

Are you tired of powerful lobbyists and political spenders determining the course of elections?
Vote McMullin / Finn.

Do you want to send a message to the world that hope, not fear, is the driving force of America?
Vote McMullin / Finn.

Who are Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn? 
Google them. If you do, the more read, the more you will like them.

Give them a chance.

If you do, together we will make history. 

The kind of history our children will look back on and smile.

Dig this kind of thing?
Check out this video and get pumped.

If you thought that was fun, watch this!

Another great video (this one was produced by a close friend)!


  1. I think Evan is a great person and a great person to vote for President. We don't have to, and in fact we should not vote for anyone we believe to perpetuate evil. I'm not name calling, but I think it's very clear that there are some major moral dilemmas with voting for either of the major party candidates.

  2. Since this blog post, I have been getting some push back against my argument that there's a good case for both a president Trump AND a president Clinton being "impeachable out of the gate." Interestingly, no one has pushed back against me saying that about Trump... Still, I don't want to take for granted that some people may not see Trump's character for what it is yet, just as some have not given sufficient attention to Clinton's deficiencies. This is why my next blog post will make the case for a president Hillary Clinton's impeachment. The following will make the case for a president Donald Trump's impeachment.

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  4. If you read this article you'll want to read this petition as well.


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