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Open letter to America: Vote your conscience, not an un-choice

Dear America, This is not a letter about the merits of my favorite presidential candidate, though I have been very open about whom I currently support. This is about something far more important. This is a rallying cry to resuscitate a democracy that seems to be suffocating. Imagine with me for a moment three friends by a water cooler. Friend 1: No, I don't like A, but I voted for A because I hate B. I actually like C more, but I'm no idiot: C didn't stand a chance, just like the other wackos, D, E, and F. Friend 2: Totally. I actually loath A and came to love D, but I didn't want to risk giving the country to B. There is no doubt: B would have single-handedly destroyed the world as we know it. Friend 3: So, yeah... I didn't vote. A and B are both disappointing. But I didn't bother to think about any of the others, like C or D or whomever. The day is November 9, 2016. And those reflections, whether spoken or unspoken, are far too co