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Guns and Humanity: Solving the refugee crisis | Evan McMullin interview

refugee photo by Mstyslav Chernov I recently sat down with Evan McMullin, independent presidential candidate, at his Salt Lake headquarters for an exclusive, thirty-minute interview on the refugee crisis, terrorism, and religion. McMullin has a unique perspective on those issues. He lived in Jordan and worked for the United Nations. There, he helped refugees from various countries, including Syria, through the screening and resettlement process. He later returned to the Middle East and worked for the CIA.  Watch  Full | Part I | Part II | Part III Listen Full  |  Part I  | Part II  |  Part III Transcript  (English) (espaƱol abajo) Balinski: Every day 34,000 people leave their homes to escape conflict, persecution. Currently, there are 21 million refugees worldwide, more than half of them are youth, minors. What is to be done? McMullin: Well, it's a great question and I would add to that you have so many million refugees but you also have people who are de

Open letter to Utah TV stations: Host third party debates

I took a brief break from work to put some finishing touches on the following letter. I just got done reaching out to my friends at Utah television stations and sending each of them a copy to pass along to their respective news directors. Here's hoping something comes of this! If you have n't signed the petition  or joined our Facebook group , please do. Thanks for your support and uniting in this gre at cause! I will keep you posted on how things progress. Dear KSL, KUTV, FOX13, ABC4, and KBYU, Major television stations and networks need to begin hosting debates between third party presidential candidates. The Republican candidates had their debates. The Democrats have had theirs. Now it is time to give the proper attention to third party candidates. I am contacting you because I believe Utah is the best market to get the ball rolling on this. I can guarantee you that if you air such a debate, people will watch. There are at least three huge reasons that this is a c