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Regarding Mormon temples

LDS temple in Nauvoo, Illinois, taken on a family vacation It has been almost nine years since my first experience with the perhaps most controversial ceremony in the Mormon temple: the endowment . I had so many questions; I felt so dizzy. I wanted to understand everything at once. As I returned again and again, I let the pendulum swing to the opposite extreme; I shut down my brain and simply focused on how I was feeling. While undoubtedly more peaceful than that first visit, my temple experiences lacked intellectual depth. At times, I would even fall asleep. Some questions still emerged from time to time, along with the anxiety that comes with not knowing everything. Answers also came from time to time, but there was an underlying question that troubled me until-- I'm a bit embarrassed to say-- quite recently. Was the Mormon temple endowment truly good? One of the most common accusations against the Church and its membership is that we are walking around smilingly brain

Finding truth

avenues to truth *At law school, my study group has playfully nicknamed me "the philosopher." I guess daydreaming about stuff like this is why... One may say, “It’s impossible to know if something is true.” But that belief is self-contradictory; you cannot say it without implying you know something. So, logic basically forces you to believe in at least the possibility of knowing truth.  So, how do you find out truth? Some may say, “I know what my eyes can see.” The problem with that is looks can be deceiving. One usually doesn't see the air she breathes. The human mind can play tricks, and for some, even cause hallucinations. One cannot see music. One cannot see love. While allowing for some discovery of truth and beauty, trusting sight alone is insufficient. Few would doubt this argument, and yet too often people are prone to say, “I’ll believe it, when I see it.” Or, even more oddly, “I only believe in what I can see.”  Similarly strange, one may say, “I on

How to get delete a blogspot header

You would think  +Blogger  would have an easy way to remove title/description headers, but nope. This is how I managed to get rid of my blog header. From your blog dashboard, click Template . Click Edit HTML . Find the .Header h1 code. (I use the Simple template and found it on row 248. I had to click a little triangle to expand my rows, so I could see it.) After the last semi-colon  ;  preceding the first close parentheses  )   in that section type "display: none".  Bonus: If you want to eliminate unnecessary white space at the top of your blog, you can change the header padding. steps 1 and 2 steps 4 and 5 I have heard of other ways to do it, but this is the only way I have been able to make it work. Though I'm no programmer by any stretch of the imagination.

Welcome to Rethbo!

Thanks for gracing Rethbo, the re spectful th ought bo ard, with your wonderful presence. We hope you'll find something meaningful to think about.

Crazy court cases that are actually true but actually aren't

"These cases are  actually  true." "I can't believe they  really  happened." Turns out, many of the vastly viral crazy court cases you'll find on the web are completely made up.  You may have heard about Terrence Dickson of Bristol, Pennsylvania that broke into a house while its owners were away on vacay. He got trapped in a garage and barely survived on Pepsi and dry dog food for eight days. He sued for mental pain and won a half million.  I wanted to learn more about that, so I searched  Lexis . I couldn't find anything. Probably because nothing exists. Google told me I am not the first to figure that out.  Snopes  and  USA Today  beat me by about eight years. They also exposed a bunch of other classics that are still trumpeted today (that a site like thecrazycase really wished were true because they are so hilarious). Like Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas, who broke her ankle by tripping over her own wandering toddler at a sto

President Monson's first talk as an apostle

President Thomas S. Monson is one of my heroes. I stumbled across this gem today and couldn't help but share. I don't think obedience to God and His servants is outdated. To me obedience is not a matter of blindness; it is the proper exercise of perspective, love and trust toward a Heavenly Father who rejoices in our joys, weeps in our sorrows, and sees things as they truly are and are to come. (4:53) "I may never see the prophet. I may never hear the prophet. But far better, I can obey the prophet."  (paraphrased slightly)  Little did she know she was speaking with a future prophet! :) +Mormon Channel   +Mormons on Google+

Does Chromecast work in on-campus housing?

I hate the idea of other people unnecessarily suffering through hours of troubleshooting, so I will dump everything my personal pain has taught. Does Chromecast actually work in BYU on-campus housing? Yes. If you are the first to set one up one the router serving your apartment, you're in luck; there are only two extra steps and they're easy. First , when you get to this screen STOP. Write down your Chromecast's MAC address: Second , go hear: Enter your BYU net ID and password, and then fill out the simple form to register your device with BYU wireless. Then , and only then, proceed with the standard Chromecast setup. *If you can't seem select HousingSecure in the Wireless Network dropdown box in the Chromecast setup, then try selecting the "Other" network option first, only after doing that was I able to get HousingSecure to stick. Make sure to enter the password carefully. Eve