Does Chromecast work in on-campus housing?

I hate the idea of other people unnecessarily suffering through hours of troubleshooting, so I will dump everything my personal pain has taught.

Does Chromecast actually work in BYU on-campus housing?
Yes. If you are the first to set one up one the router serving your apartment, you're in luck; there are only two extra steps and they're easy.

First, when you get to this screen STOP. Write down your Chromecast's MAC address:

Second, go hear:

Enter your BYU net ID and password, and then fill out the simple form to register your device with BYU wireless.

Then, and only then, proceed with the standard Chromecast setup.
*If you can't seem select HousingSecure in the Wireless Network dropdown box in the Chromecast setup, then try selecting the "Other" network option first, only after doing that was I able to get HousingSecure to stick. Make sure to enter the password carefully. Even after all this, you may have to try a few times before the connection actually works.

What if you blew past the above screen with your MAC address before registering it with BYU?
Simply hold down the button on your Chromecast for a minute or so while it is plugged in to reset it. Then start over.

What if you are not the first one on your router to use a Chromecast?
You will know this because when you open the app, you will see multiple devices, including the one you need to setup. If that is the case, you need to figure out who has those devices (probably someone in your stairwell area if you're living in Wymount). This may be hard if they haven't renamed their Chromecast with a giveaway like my neighbor did. Once you figure out who else has Chromecasts on the network, you need to have them do you a favor; they need to disconnect/turn off their Chromecasts while you do your setup. Once they are off, restart your own and you should have more luck.

If you still get stuck, feel free to comment and I will try to help more if I can.

Good luck!

PS- Even with the potentially nightmarish setup, the Chromecast is totally worth it! Setup stinks, but the actual use rocks. And... kinda funny note... you can cast on any of your neighbors' TVs who are connected...

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