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Why Kavanaugh Should Not Sit on the Supreme Court

Last night, I watched substantial portions of the Kavanaugh hearing with my eight-year-old son. I didn't plan it that way. Not our typical father-son bonding session. But I was watching everything on my phone in my room when he wandered in, full of curiosity. He first heard Ford's testimony. We had to pause it a few times, so I could explain some terminology that he hasn't had to worry about before. Thankfully, he's mature beyond his years and what followed was a meaningful discussion. Through the eyes of an eight-year-old After hearing from Ford. I asked him if he thought she was telling the truth. He quickly agreed. He said the tears gave it away. Then I showed him portions of Kavanaugh's testimony. I asked him if he thought he was telling the truth. He thought so. But now he was less confident. Kavanaugh had tears, too.  Turns out, tears are not an unbroken trail to truth. One possibility that we discussed is that they were both telling wh