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From Creative Commons Library to Liability

I love copyright law, as ugly as it is. My previous legal publication dealt with personal jurisdiction:  Wonky Walden: The Dizzying New PersonalJurisdiction Rule .

Introducing "Lifey" and "Lifey Health"

This is a little different. I want to brag for a moment about my little brother, Alex, the founder of Prepare to Serve . This post is completely uninvited and unreviewed by him, though he's sitting across the office from me as I type... Alex recently launched two major projects, both of which I fully believe in and I hope many people will soon learn about. The first project is called Lifey Health . It is a budding massive database of candid personal interviews and surveys of people suffering from chronic physical and mental illnesses across the spectrum. As I understand it, his goal is to get virtually every chronic illness represented in a way that fosters a sense of hope, perspective, and community for those recently diagnosed, as well as a machine to de-stigmatize physical and mental illnesses for the public at large. I admit bias, but to me, it's an inspired project, just like Prepare to Serve. He has interns assisting him and already has roughly 300 videos featuring