Life lessons from a little man

       1)      If you stay focused on your goal, nothing hurts – he eyes a toy under the table, bangs his head on everything to get there, but arrives without complaint.
       2)      Love knows no boundaries – he will hug a real dog, a toy dog, and even a picture of a dog.
3)      Love yourself – when he looks in the mirror, he never complains, only smiles. When he sees a picture of himself, he always looks good.
4)      When life gets hard, take a nap and everything will be better.
5)      Everything can be a toy. You can make a game out of anything.
6)      Milk does a body good – he’s huge.
7)      Failure is no reason to fear – he falls down the stairs and within a minute or two is crawling back up with a smile.
8)      Busy is better than bored. If there isn’t a mess to clean up, make one.
9)      Sunlight is better than incandescent or fluorescent.
10)   Movies are cool in moderation – he can’t sit still staring at a screen for more than ten minutes, then it is time to do something else.


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