How to fall back in love with Facebook

Or any other social medium...

Sometimes I love the social media game. Sometimes I hate it. I've figured out the difference is mostly up to me. Here's my attempt to break down what I've learned from my own trial and error.

Rule #1
Remember it isn't about you. It's about them. All other rules revolve around this concept.

Rule #2
It isn't about HAVING friends. It's about BEING a friend.

Rule #3
It isn't about being LIKED. It's about SUPPORTING others.

Rule #4
It isn't about being noticed. It's about listening, watching, and understanding.

Rule #5
Okay, it's actually a little about you. Friendship means both sharing and receiving. People want to know what you really think about and what your life is really like. However, it's lame to pay attention to how much your posts appear to be noticed or unnoticed.

If used properly, social media can be rewarding and fun. If not, they become little more than a mirror, a catalyst for self-absorption, a Facebook... but the only face you see is your own.


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